2022 Virtual Conference Videos – Korean

Powering Up for Return to Full Flight

vAAETS 2022 focused on pilot training and subject matter experts from major international airlines and training providers shared examples of best practice based on their experience and knowledge. Watch the Korean language videos from each session below.

Conference Chair: Chris Long
Moderator: Capt. Jacques Drappier

Wednesday 29th June 2022

Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses

1. Yong-Seog Kim, Deputy Minister, Civil Aviation Office, MoLIT
Congratulatory Remarks
2. Hyeong Jung Yoon, President & CEO, KAC
Welcome Address
3. Diego Martinez, Chief, Global Aviation Training, ICAO
Aviation Personnel Forecasts

Session 1 – EBT: Training Methods & Implementation

1. Captain Michael Varney, CEO, Salient
Development of Effective EBT Programs
2. Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot HF CRM, EVA Air
IBT, The Next Logical Step
3. Stéphan Labucherie, Head of Flight Training Worldwide, Airbus
The Pilot Resilience Journey

Live Q&A and Panel discussion with Session 1 speakers, plus Captain Simon Henderson, Director, Salient; Jenny Eaglestone, Senior Consultant/Aviation Psychologist, Royal NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre; Kie-Sick Kim, Team Manager, Flight Engineering & Standards Team, Jinair; and Seung Jin Oh, Part Manager, B737 Flight Crew Training Development, T’way.

Session 2 – Refresher and Recurrent Training: Training Methods & Implementation

1. Captain David Swarbrick, Training Manager Boeing, Emirates Airline
A Step on a Thousand Miles Journey – Emirates Experience of CBTA
2. Captain JC Tan, Deputy Chief Pilot (Training), A380 Fleet, Singapore Airlines
Maintaining Pilot Competency During the Recovery

Live Q&A and Panel Discussion with Session 2 speakers plus Yeom Won-Suk, Leader, Flight Crew Training, Airseoul; Yo Seok Oh, Leader, Flight Operations Safety Team, JEJUair; and Jihun Lee, Leader, Flight Crew Training Team, Airbusan.

Session 3a – New Technology (Korean)

1. Hyejin Cho, Airmen Licensing Office, in charge of EPTA, KOTSA (Korea Transportation Safety Authority)
Introduction of Korea Online EPTA
2. HyungKyu Woo, Manager, UAM & Innocity Department, Korea Airports Corporation
UAM (Urban Air Mobility)
3. Jeongwoo Lyo, Global Business Manager, VIRNECT Inc. & SooChul Shim, Flight Instructor, KAC Aviation Training Center
Intuitive XR Non Coding Contents Creation and Training for KAC Jet Transition Course

Session 3b – New Technology

1. Dewar Donnithorne-Tait, MA MBA FRAeS FIoD, UAS Specialist Group, Royal Aeronautical Society
Urban and Advance Air Mobility
2. Tony Duthie, FRAeS, Chair, Unmanned Air Systems Specialist Group Committee, Royal Aeronautical Society
Advanced Air Mobility Operations: The Potential for eVTOL and eCTOL Platforms
3. Jo Watkinson BSc Dunelm Hons PGCE RAeS, Human Performance Specialist, CAE
Human Performance Challenges in CBTA: Technology to Support Instructors
4. Rick Parker, Co-Founder & CTO, Visionary Training Resources
Building Disruptive Pilot Training with XR and Eye Tracking