HyungKyu Woo

UAM (Urban Air Mobility) 

Urban aviation mobility (UAM), which uses eVTOL (electronic Vertical Take Off and Landing), is a three-dimensional transportation system that uses the sky in the city to overcome the limitations of existing two-dimensional transportation. In order to realize UAM service, not only the development of electrically powered e-VTOLs, but also ground infrastructures (Vertiport), which functions as a take-off and landing eVTOL, should be prepared.

Also, since initial UAM services (`25~) will operate based on “On-board pilot”, pilot certification and training system and regulation have to be established in advance.

This presentation introduces South Korea UAM Roadmap, Korea Airports Corporation’s UAM Infrastructure strategy, and current trends of UAM pilot certification and training regulation.

Session 3a – New Technology
1640-1740 (Korea Standard Time)