Rick Parker

Building Disruptive Pilot Training with XR and Eye Tracking: How Immersive Technologies Can Be Used to Accelerate Pilot Skill Learning

Using VR in airline pilot training and simulation has until now been an unrealized possibility. An intuitive idea that has not been able to deliver an adoptable pilot training solution. This has changed.

Capt. Rick Parker, Co-Founder and CTO of Visionary Training Resources (VTR) will share some the progress they have made developing a Virtual Reality pilot training platform. Using Stand Alone VR and advanced Tobii eye-racking technologies, pilot skill learning can be improved and accelerated. These two integrated technologies can deliver previously unavailable training methods and validating data collection. This un-bias validating data can be used by Training Management, Corporate Decision Makers, and Regulatory Authorities to quickly approve these new XR training platforms in targeted ways. These new capabilities come at a critical point as commercial pilot training demand is outpacing training capacity globally.

In this presentation, Capt. Parker will present specific examples of these new capabilities and discuss how they can be adopted to accelerate pilot skill learning, improve training outcomes, and lower costs.

Session 3b – New Technology
1750-1900 (Korea Standard Time)