Mi-Ae Lee

Mi-Ae Lee, Vice President of Strategy and Planning Department, Korea Airports Corporation (KAC)

– Former vice president of Market Development, Commercial & Global Business department, KAC

– Former vice president of Safety and Security department, KAC

– Ph.D. in Air Transport, Korea Aerospace University

Current Status of UAM business in South Korea

A new concept of mobility, UAM(Urban Air Mobility), is emerging to solve ground traffic congestion. In particular, Morgan Stanley predicts the UAM market will grow 1.5 trillion dollars by 2040.

To lead the new mobility market, not only start-ups but also large companies (such as carmakers) are conducting research and development toward UAM. (Currently, more than 300 eVTOL developers around the world are developing UAM aircraft).

To foster the UAM industry, there are many hurdles to overcome, such as development of UAM aircraft, infrastructure, CNSi technology etc. However, it is also urgent to establish a certification training program for UAM employees, because UAM require pilots and controllers in the early stages.

In this presentation, I will introduce the current status of UAM business in South Korea (KAC), and also talk about current status and necessity of the certification training program for UAM employees.