Bo Bennekov

Bo Bennekov, CEO/Founder, Bolverk XR

Bo Bennekov used to work as Development Manager for several large Danish companies, including Thomas Cook Airlines. After falling madly in love with VR, he started Bolverk Games with two equally persuaded VR enthusiasts. After two successful games, Bolverk Games went looking to take another part of the VR market and settled on cabin crew training. Many thousand cabin crews all over the world have been trained with Bolverk XR’s innovative VR training academy.

Learning Better Using Motoric Memory and Repetition

Training with VR has many advantages. Besides the obvious, not needing access to an aircraft or physical simulator, VR excels in teaching procedures on a deeper level of conscience. Accessing the emotional part of the brain and training the motoric memory leads to better learning retention. At the same time, training in VR can secure many more repetitions, and avoid negative learning. I will talk about how we achieve these results, and how the rich data it generates leads to REAL evidence-based training.